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This Story of my mothers sister was incredible to me, I was turning 18. My mom’s sister was 10 years younger at the time making her 28, my mom was 38. I had grown up in love with my Aunt. That was 8 years ago, I’m 26 now. I was seeing it in a different light by now. My mom’s sister Michelle seemed to fancy me more now that I’m 18 and I did flirt with her more.

From my younger days til now. My Aunt was tall at 5’9, dark hair, dark eyes and a refined body with curves. To my guess by reading and looking at all those naked magazines of my dad’s, I’d say she was a 34d up top, maybe 130lbs? A cute laugh, a flirty personality while her looking at me seemed to be changing the last couple of years? I was a blonde and blue eyed. Now 6 feet in height, beginning to shave and hair on my legs and chest. My Aunt was giving me more than that “you’re so cute” pinch on the cheek from years past. Her eyes seemed to be taking notice of my body development.

She always came in and out of our house, she was single and the guys seemed always trying to capture her heart. My Aunt was strong willed and had a head on her shoulders with a great job. Meaning, she didn’t need a man, she could care for herself. She could date whoever she wanted and had been in a few long term relationships. She was a big part of our family.

I think she was noticing me more and more like I was noticing the same about girls and women. I admit she had seen my manhood packed in my tight jeans more than once for a long time. I actually wanted her to see it; she had caught many a glimpse. I’m sure my noticeable size and hardness that showed from time to time when she was around? I seemed to be blessed with 8 inches and was proud of it especially now, that I was growing older. My girlfriends told me I was big?

Had a few girlfriends and had protected sex but older women intrigued me and my Aunt was no exception. Seemed I could detect a woman’s eyes of inquisitiveness that showed suggestion of wanting to see more, as I was getting older. Was it in my mind? I was beginning to think not. Some of my mom’s girlfriends seemed to even notice. As a country boy we wore our jeans tight and the girls all liked it that way in school. It was beginning to become my fascination with me to their reactions looking with their eyes at my crotch.

I noticed my Aunts outgoing personality, the fun she had and I admit I was growing hotter in wanting to see her naked body that I had seen glimpses of at times but not all of it. From my morning hard ons getting up eating breakfast when she was staying over. To my running shorts, I was letting the outline of my cock show details and she was definitely taking note. I was 10 years younger and this seemed to becoming less insignificant to the way she looked at me?

I admit, I was beginning to see the results of my innocent teasing and she was growing more curious. My baggy boxers were next, watching TV one night. Laughing and teasing then sitting directly across from her was a plan I had. A semi-hard cock and splitting my legs as we laughed at the rental movie. My Aunt was catching glimpses of my 18 year old cock and she loved it, I could tell. I’d split my legs were I knew she could see my balls and then my cock. It was like wild seeing her get up and down off the couch. She was looking frustrated.

This night it was just her and me and my sister. My mom and dad had gone out with friends leaving me and my younger sister with her and its going as I am saying. It was actually funny because she said she was going to take a shower in the middle of the movie. I thought that’s a bit weird? I smiled and said ok, my sister and I sat and watched the movie, and then I thought it was a good time to slip back to where she was taking a shower? Sure enough, she had left the door cracked open.

I could see clearly with a slight glaze of the shower door my Aunt’s naked body. Her long black hair, her breast that had wonderful firm sag just perfect. She had the pinkest nipples for her tanned brown skin and her Italian heritage. I could see a strip of hair neatly trimmed. Long legs and red painted toenails. To define my Aunt was simply put as “smoking hot”. I watched her soap her breast and pussy then down those long legs. I watched her lean against the shower wall and she seemed to be playing with herself at this point. I could hear a few slight moans and I was being bold standing in the open door at this time. I had my hands in my boxers and was stroking as she was rubbing, I was taking a chance, and I knew it?

She was rubbing her nipples and her pussy; you could see her head going up and down. She was defiantly getting herself off. I saw her glancing my way but didn’t figure she could see me from the glass glazed. I stepped back and pulled the door closed like it was before. Went in my bedroom and stroked myself and cum was flying with my Aunt’s body in thought. I hurried back to the TV room when through. I had jacked off many times, but this time I had her body engrained in my thoughts, I had seen her totally nude and my cock was showing it.

She came back out in a terry-cloth robe saying, “how’s the movie”?

My sister said well, if Jason would sit long enough to watch it he’d like it too. My Aunt just smiled and gave me that look of her knowing more than my sister knew? I’m thinking now, did she see me? She was sitting in a position and crossing her legs looking in my direction each time. No panties as you’d guess. She was showing me her naked pussy and grinning at the same time. My cock was hard again so I was letting her see it back in my boxers. I was adjusting it which seemed to leave her wanting what apparently she had seen from the shower? I was getting a little paranoid but this was fun. Something more bold with my Aunt and me than ever before.

By the time the movie was over and my sister went to bed there was something going to happen tonight, I felt? Just me and my Aunt, sitting in the TV room.

“I saw you looking at me Jason”. I was red-faced. “Can we keep this to ourselves?” she was saying.
All I could say at this point was yes. “I think I’m going to bed now” I was muttering. “Want me to tuck you in?” my Aunt was saying and I just smiled nodding. When she got up, she opened her legs giving me a shot of everything; she knew she was driving me nuts like I was her.

She followed me on the other side of the house. Closing the door she told me how naughty I had been being to her for a long time. Can I trust you she was saying? Yes…I was mumbling. Sitting on the bed I pulled it out and she seemed to be shocked. 18 years old and a cock as big as she has ever seen, so she said? Her hand was touching me and I was letting her take it, I actually wanted her too. I’ve had blown jobs but the way she was holding it and stroking me was way hotter than I’d had before. Licking my cockhead and circling. Now her lips over the head and watching her slide down my shaft were exciting as hell. I fell back against the wall and just watched her play with my cock.

So detailed, running her tongue up and down the underside was driving me wild. My Aunt was like fixated on my cock even watching her take me deep down her throat, something I had never experienced that deep down a girls throat before. Rubbing and licking my nuts, she was like an artist. Seeing her stroking and coating me with her saliva, the sound of stroking was hot to hear. She was watching my eyes as I was getting bold and playing with her tits. She reached down and opened her Teri-cloth robe and moved my hand to her pussy. I’m starting to get way turned on to keep this cum that was building. To fingering her pussy she was wet and I loved the feel.

Holding my hand she was showing how to rub then finding her clit. Sinking one then two fingers inside her she was getting into me, but she had me ready to cum. Its ok..she was telling me. I leaned back..and watched her pump my cum out of me. She was drinking it all. She was using her fingers to push what had leaked out of her mouth back into her mouth. I had never seen done quite like she had done it. Hearing her gag when she tried to take all of me down her throat felt hot. She couldn’t take it all but I’ve never had it go down that deep either.

She was done taking my cum and lay on the bed and she wanted me to taste her wetness so I did. I’ve done this a couple of times with my girlfriends but not a mature woman. My Aunt was going crazy holding her hand over her mouth. I was licking and sucking and eating she made me want a pussy more than I had ever thought of. Her hips were fucking my mouth wild. I ran a finger, then my tongue inside her. She was squealing like a cat and I was getting my Aunts climax.

I think I was in a daze this whole time as she just left the room. My mind racing, she was telling me there could be more if I was mature about this? I’m the kind that can keep a secret, besides its a new experience that I know could have results if I didn’t with my parents and I love my Aunt. I’m 18 and about to go to college in 3 months.
There’s more if you care to hear about it?

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