This is a true story of the first lesbian encounter that I had.

I had always fantasized about being with another woman, but never had the guts to bring it up with my boyfriend. But one night, in the middle of a hot, passionate, episode of sex, he asked me what my wildest fantasy was, and I decided to tell him.

“Sometimes, when I am alone in my room, hot and wet, I fantasize about being with another woman. She doesn’t have a name, but she has the most gorgeous dark hair and soft skin. I walk up to her and start kissing her and unbuttoning her blouse. At the same time, she pulls off my tee-shirt and slides her hand down the front of my pants. She reaches into my panties and feels my hard little clit, and my wet pussy lips separating to let her finger inside of me. We finish undressing each other and I caress her soft skin. Her lips slide down from my neck to my breasts to my stomach to the inside of my thighs. I can feel her spreading my legs apart and teasing my clit with the tip of her tongue.”

At this point Andy stops me. The look in his eyes lets me know that he is as turned on as he has ever been. As I tell him of my fantasy woman, we make the most passionate love that we have ever had.

A few weeks go by, and he tells me that he has a surprise for me. He has invited one of his ex-girlfriends down to visit us. At first I am very mad. I don’t want him hanging around his ex-girlfriend too much… but she comes over anyway. When she got to campus, she called up to Andy’s room and he told her to come upstairs. She walked in the door, and she had a tight little skirt on and a little yellow tank top.

I couldn’t help but notice her hard tits showing through the cotton top. Andy put a movie in the VCR and we all sat down to watch it. I was a little bit confused, but I didn’t argue. About ten minutes into the movie I felt hot breath on the back of my neck. I thought that it was Andy, and I let him continue. Then I felt a tongue sliding up my earlobe and I turned to ask him what he was doing. To my surprise, it was Becca, not Andy that was nibbling on my ear.

I didn’t know what to think. I had fantasized about women before, but I didn’t think that I would ever really be with one. Slowly, I turned around to face her and she kissed me softly on the lips. I could, for the first time that night, smell her perfume. She smelled so soft and sweet. She wrapped her arms around me and ran them up and down my back. I was so wet from her simply kissing me. I was very nervous too. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know where to put my arms or where to touch her. Andy looked on from a chair across the room. I could see him stroking his hard cock through his jeans.

Suddenly, Becca got up and brought Andy over to the bed with us. She reached over and unbuttoned my shirt and slowly felt my breasts, my nipples hard under my little white bra. She kissed my chest as she unhooked my bra. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. When she got my bra off, she started on my shorts. I decided to be brave and I reached up and pulled her tank top off. I could see the dark nipples on her small breasts. I reached up and kissed one and gently pinched the other. I loved how they felt in my mouth. Even though she didn’t have large breasts I could feel them rest in my hands as I cupped them.

She pulled down my unbuttoned shorts and massaged the front of my little white cotton panties. I was wet all the way through them. I saw Andy stand up behind her and pull down his pants. He got his cock out and began rubbing her thighs with it. He pulled off her skirt and I saw her neatly trimmed bush in front of me.

She smelled wet. All three of us lay down in the bed. She laid on her back. I got very brave and started caressing the inside of her thigh. I lowered my head down and spread her legs apart. Her pussy was so wet. I looked at it for just a little bit before I slid my finger into her hole. She felt tight against my finger. I started to slide my finger in and out of her wet lips. I wanted to taste her so badly.

Andy leaned down and kissed her as she moaned from my finger. Finally I lowered my head to her wetness and licked. I had tasted my own cum on my fingers before, but I had never tasted another woman, and I loved it. I licked her little clit and fucked her with my fingers. She moaned loudly and Andy rubbed his cock all over her body. I think he felt a little left out, but I didn’t want to stop. I took my finger out of her pussy and just used my tongue. My face was soaked with her cum.

I slowly let my tongue probe her pussy and then let it move down to her little asshole. I was so into her that all of the inhibition that I had felt earlier vanished. I had one mission and it was making her cum over and over again. With the tip of my tongue in her ass, Andy used his finger to probe her other hole. I loved how she tasted. Finally, she sat up and directed me to lie on my back. She returned every favor that I had done for her. I came many times with her tongue in my pussy.

Lastly, after Becca and I were almost exhausted from eating each other, Andy looked at us, and we both looked at each other and went down on him. One of us sucking on his balls and the other rapidly thrusting his cock in their mouth. He came more quickly than I had ever seen him.

His load spilled all over my face and Becca quickly licked it off.

After this exhausting adventure, Becca, Andy and I curled up and fell asleep in each others’ arms. I had never been so turned on in my life.

I loved it, and she still comes over every week or two, so that we can lick each other all over.