I was about 19 when I went on my first sleepover. I had never been able to stay over at any of my friend’s house as I was growing up and now that I had moved out, I was free to do whatever I wanted with whomever I wanted.

I met Candice in college and we were good friends. We hung out all the time and when I moved out of my parents she was the one that helped me move my stuff over to my new apartment. She had other friends she hung out with too but I only new them on a “hi, bye” basis. One night as I was getting ready to go out with Candice, she called me on the phone and asked if I wanted to go over Roxanne’s apartment to watch some movies, rather than going out to watch a movie at the theater. Roxanne was one of Candice’s other friends.

She was pretty and had a real nice body but she didn’t have a boyfriend. I decided to go because I wasn’t going to have anything to do, so Candice gave me directions. Luckily I had worn very nice, matching lingerie that evening.

I arrived at Roxanne’s and knocked on her door, apartment 3B, I’d always remember. When she opened the door she was surprisingly wearing almost nothing. She had on a tiny pair of pink boy shorts and a matching almost see-through camisole.

I gulped my saliva and quickly smiled and said, “Um, yeah, I’m here. Is Candice here?” Roxanne pulled me into the apartment by my wrist and said, “yeah, hold on she’s in the kitchen.”

I was surprised to see a porn movie with girls going down on each other playing on Roxanne’s big screen TV. There other 2 girls there who were watching very attentively. I walked into the kitchen and saw Candice making Margaritas for everyone.

I walked over to her and whispered in her ear, “Why did you ask me to come here?” She looked a bit disappointed and asked me, “Why, would you rather go?” I thought to myself, ‘I should probably leave. What’s going on with these girls anyway. But, maybe…well, I guess I’ll just see what happens.’ So I said to her, “No, it’s cool. I’ll stay.”

I could only imagine what they were all up to. Obviously they were getting together for some sort of lesbian type slumber party. I didn’t know Candice was into girls all this time I had known her. She had never given me that impression. But now that I thought about it, I did undress in front of her often and I had caught her staring at my breasts. I thought it was just because my C cups where bigger than her B cups.

As I walked back into the living room where Roxanne’s other two friends where kissing passionately, I looked over at Candice and asked her, “so, who are they?”

“Oh, that’s Lindsey with the blue top and the one groping her breast is Amanda.” I giggled a little and asked her if they were a couple or something.

Candice giggled back and slapped my butt as she walked by me and said, “No silly. This is just what we do.” Even though no one had tried to tell me what was going on yet, I guess I just assumed the reality of things. I walked behind Candice again and I asked her, “so are you like a, lesbian or something?” She looked me straight in the eyes and then put one hand behind my neck and kissed me on the lips. I closed my eyes and a million thoughts raced through my mind. I kissed her back though.

After about 20 seconds of the best kiss I had ever experienced, I heard the rest of the girls cheer us on. I stopped kissing Candice and looked around a bit embarrassed. I had never kissed a girl before and especially in front of people. Roxanne walked over to us and handed us the Margaritas Candice had been making in the kitchen.

She said, “Drink up girl, because it’s going to be a wild night tonight!”

And with that she too kissed me on the lips and stuck her hand under my black blouse to grab one of my breasts. I didn’t quite know what to do so I just grabbed her butt with both my hands. Suddenly, I felt a pair of hands start to pull my skirt down. I stopped kissing Roxanne and looked down to see who it was.

It was Lindsey and Amanda kneeling beside me and tugging at my skirt while making out with each other. I looked over to see where Candice was and she was by the door letting someone else in. I started blushing because I didn’t know if I knew the person who was coming in or not and they were about to see me in a compromising situation. At the door was one of Candice’s other friends, Jessica. By the way she greeted her, I assumed she knew what was going on.

By this time, Lindsey and Amanda had already taken off my skirt and Roxanne was undoing the buttons of my blouse. As I stood there in a purple lace thong and matching lace bra. I couldn’t help but feel I was getting really wet and turned on by this situation.

I only thought this happened in porn movies because this is what guy’s fantasized about, but it was actually true. Jessica walked over to Roxanne and without warning stuck her fingers in Roxanne’s panties and penetrated her cunt. Roxanne let out a loud moan and Jessica said, “yeah you like that you little horny bitch, don’t you?” Roxanne nodded as Jessica removed her fingers from her and licked them.

She looked at me and said, “so, Candice finally decided to bring you in, huh?” I nodded as I felt Lindsey and Amanda pull down on my thong. She moved Roxanne out of the way and as I stood there with only my lace bra on she too kissed me and un-hooked my bra. My breast stood there naked and I know my nipples where so hard. She leaned down to suck on my nipples and with her other hand she stuck her index and middle finger in my wet pussy. She moved away after a moment and she told the other girls, “well girls, let’s show this little bitch what we’re all about.”

With that, Lindsey still kneeling by me, stood in front of me and separated my vaginal lips and started making out with my pussy. I stood there and relished the pleasures of a woman going down on me. Then I felt Amanda behind me, also still on the floor. She split my butt cheeks apart and started licking my asshole. As both girls went down on me from both angles I grabbed on my tits and threw my head back.

Then I felt Roxanne beside me; she took one of my breasts and stuck the nipple in her mouth. Then Candice approached me too on the other side and did the exact same thing with my other breast. I stood there experiencing pleasure like I never thought possible. I looked forward to see Jessica sitting in the couch in front of us, witnessing the whole thing as if she were watching a play or a movie.

I came and I came over and over again. The girls would just not stop. Finally after about an hour of standing there being treated like a queen, we all stopped and retired to the couch. Even though I had come so much I was still horny. I asked them, “what now?” and they all giggled and said it was up to me. After all it was my initiation to the club. I stood up and walked right in front of Jessica. Jessica hadn’t been participating, but rather just watching so I decided to kneel down in front of her and separated her legs.

I pulled off her panties and dove into her sweet pussy like and experienced muff diver. I loved the way she tasted. I licked her clit and sucked on her shaven lips. Jessica moaned and told the other girls they knew what they had to do. I felt Candice behind me as I still knelt before Jessica. She lay down on her back and stuck her head between my thighs. She began to eat me out too.

This was so great, I thought. I stopped eating Jessica out for a sec’ so I could see what was going on behind me. By now, Candice was eating me out, Amanda was on top of her, eating her out. Roxanne was sticking something big into Amanda, I could only assume it was a dildo. And Lindsey was poking at Roxanne’s asshole with her finger while she masturbated with her other hand.

We did this sort of thing all night. We switched positions but it was great all over. After we finished almost 5 hours later, we all fell asleep on the floor. Who would have thought my first sleepover would turn out this great. Needless to say, we all get together every couple of weeks to explore ourselves. This week, it will be my turn to bring a friend. I think I’ll invite Nikkie from my philosophy class. She’s a total babe and I’ve caught her staring at my tits in class too. I can’t wait to see how her pussy tastes!