Here is the story of how my lover came over early and surprised me in a very welcome way.

As I was sitting on the edge of my bathtub shaving my legs waiting for my lover to call to tell me he was on his way over…I heard a very sexy masculine voice say….Well hello there sexy; may I help?

I turned around kind of shocked at the question and the voice as I thought I was alone. I turn and see a very handsome man…he is of medium height and build; wearing a suit and tie. I smile and say well I was almost done all I had left was my pussy…

The man says well then come here Madam, as he bows.. and let me help you….he takes a towel from the rack on the wall, and leads me to my bed. He lays me down and says I will be right back don’t move. I say ok as he walks back into the bathroom.

He comes back in with my razor, shaving cream ,and a washcloth, in a bowl of warm water. He says, lie back and let me shave you madam….acting like a proper butler……I laugh and lie back…..he wrings out the washcloth and wets my pussy with it, then takes the shaving cream and applies it a very slow sensual way…..this is of course making me moan in pleasure…he says Madam if I am permitted to , when I get done shaving you Mam, I will make you moan louder….I look at him and say with a gleam in my eye…promise?

In answer he just as quickly as possible shaves me closer than I ever thought possible…It felt so smooth…after washing of the remnants of the shaving cream he starts playing with my pussy slowly making circles above my clit until it stands at attention….I am lying there thinking oh my god that feels good, as I wiggle to allow him better access to my pussy.

He very happily says thank you madam….now I can please you fully as he slips his fingers into me making me scream in delight. While moving his fingers inside my dripping wet pussy he starts licking my clit making me instantly start cumming again.

As I ride out the orgasm I decide it was time he had some pleasure too. I tell him to bring his dick up to my mouth so I can lick it like a very long very yummy Popsicle….He immediately complies as he has wanted to know what my tongue piercing will feel like for a very long time. He brings his waist to the level of my head on the other side of the bed. I unzip his pants and say what have we here.

Mmm, looks good enough to eat.

As I suck and nibble on his hard as steel cock he moans aloud and says oh my god that feels so damn good, all the while he is playing with my nipples pinching them and pulling on them since he knows this drives me crazy…When he is almost ready to cum he stops me saying no I don’t want to come yet let me fuck you please…I want to feel your pussy around my cock. I say ok how do you want it then, missionary or doggie?

He says doggie as he helps me roll over and get on my knees… my pussy is so wet he has no problem sliding it in all the way with one hard thrust. I scream “yes” like that, please keep slamming into me like that, I like that so much. After a few slams I have a mind blowing orgasm. And slump forward catching my breathe….my has me roll over onto my back so he can fuck my pussy missionary style…but he of course decides I need to be played with a little more first to make this last a little longer.

He starts fingering my pussy to get me good and wet again finger fucking me to orgasm yet again so that I cum all over his fingers. He then takes them out and asks if I want to taste I say of course as I bring his fingers to my mouth and lick them clean. This get him so turned on he spreads my legs and shoves his cock into my pussy and comes almost immediately. As he collapses on my chest I smile and say welcome home honey. I missed you, and that was a very nice way to say hello.