Zodiac Secrets of the Sensual Capricorn Woman

You are among the people most likely to own an adult toy.
Sensual Capricorn women don’t mind doing it for themselves.

Meeting you for the first time is a fascinating experience.
You have a very powerful presence. It cannot be missed. The way you move, your walk and even your smile suggests a woman who is full of mystery, adventure and intoxicating chemistry. You are an interesting example of what happens when you take serious and spontaneous, tough and tender, sweet and sexy and mix them all together.

Tenacious, Resolved and Sexually in Control
No single word really comes close to capturing your sensual essence. You are among the rarest of all beings. Unlike most people you don’t have to look before you leap. Your heart is true and reassures you that your journey is certain. Your adaptability keeps you open to recognizing all available windows of opportunity. And your inner confidence adds an invisible blanket of warmth and rich appeal.

What is it like on your side of the fence?
It’s like you have built your life on this rock solid foundation of positive expectations. While others may panic, feel frantic, or start to worry… you know there is a tremendous amount of good fortune coming your way. You remain calm and patient knowing the answers and solutions will eventually find you.

Certain, Confident and Secure
You make practical feel like a deliciously sexy word. If your brand of sex appeal was a perfume, it might be called “Au Natural.” Why? Because you are a down-to-earth goddess, with absolutely no pretentiousness. You know how to go after and get exactly what you want (in and out) of the bedroom.

(Secretly) Many people fantasize about you.
You have that indefinable quality that makes people wonder what it would be like to be with you. Friends do it. Strangers do it. Most of the time, you don’t even know they are having these thoughts about you. Yet it is true. Deep down, many people are intrigued (and sexually attracted) to you.

And here’s another little secret about you…
Your imagination runs wild and uninhibited. All you need to hear are the right words, at the right time, and you are sexually aroused! (Now that’s sexy!) And it makes you one of the most sexually liberated women on earth.

How to seduce you?
Surprise is your mental aphrodisiac. Romance is best for you when you least expect it. Seduction means romantic, real-moment experiences. Not planned, not forced. You want it without limits or parameters. No boundaries, no walls, no fear, no hidden agenda and NO schedule. You ardently desire those special times when the moment grabs you and sweeps you right off you feet, landing you in a place where there’s nothing hidden.

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Sex Secrets of the Sensual Capricorn Man

Who’s the Sensual Capricorn man?
He is strong and quiet. He is moody and passionate. He is the ultimate contradiction. When you meet him during the day, you are most likely to see his serious side. That is the part of him that must be practical, powerful and totally in control. When you meet him at night you will probably run into another side of his personality altogether. That is the tender sweet mischievous lover, who loves to have a good time – and a side of him you want to experience.

He is a self-sufficient, domineering man with the Midas touch.
The Sensual Capricorn male likes living the good life. He has exquisite taste. He fills his life with excellent wines, high quality beers, magnificent clothes and spacious homes. He is adaptable, tenacious and a genius with money. Maybe it is his patience and intuition that keep this man a step ahead of the game. He has a knack for knowing when and how to recognize opportunity.

This man is a powerhouse of emotional intensity.
Here is the rule of thumb as it relates to the Sensual Capricorn man: The more conservative he appears on the outside– the more adventurous he is on the inside. Making love to a Sensual Capricorn man can be a life-changing experience. As a lover, he likes to dive deep into sensual adventures.

Life with a Sensual Capricorn man is a day-to-day adventure.
This is a man who stretches your soul and expands your mind. With his strong blend of both spiritual and sensual power, he dominates everything he touches. Obstacles melt like snowflakes. Women are attracted to him like a magnet. However, the good news is once he falls in love, he has a tendency to stay there.

His secret sexual fantasy:
Soul-to-soul, intimate sex without rules or boundaries. This man wants freedom above everything else. He wants a partner that is not afraid to explore limits and push the envelope.

What else attracts a Sensual Capricorn man?
He is looking for a woman that is more alive and wilder than he is. He wants a woman who loves to love as much as he does. She should be modest in public and let loose in private. She never hesitates, or holds back. She is ready to melt into sensuality whenever the right moment strikes.

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