Zodiac Secrets of the Sensual Leo Woman

You are among the people most likely to:
Be involved in a sex scandal (Sensual Leos always get a lot of attention).

Beautiful, Brilliant and Mentally Strong
You have the most powerful sexual appeal of the entire Sensual Zodiac. You ARE the total package. You have style, intelligence, glamour, charm and an amazing belief in yourself. Whenever you walk into a social setting, the party instantaneously goes to the next level.

As a lover, you possess an abundance of sexual vitality.
It’s astonishing how you have such an uncanny ability to relate to almost anyone… in a matter of just minutes. Women like you are able to feel as comfortable chatting to foreign dignitaries as they are talking to their best friends. Let’s face it. That confidence makes the rest of us find you very attractive. If your sex appeal was a perfume, it would be called… “Blaze.” Why? Because you were born with a firestorm of sensuality and even though you like to yield slowly to intimacy, care and tenderness, when that vivacious, fiery and creative side of yours gets you heated up, your sexual candle begins to burn at both ends. And once ignited, it’s almost impossible to extinguish.

Here’s another remarkable discovery about you:
As the queen of intuition… you have this amazing ability to somehow find a way to be exactly where you need to be. It’s as if you always seem to know what you need to know at the exact moment that you need to know it. Lucky you. What a wonderful gift you have!

Intense, Heated, Driven, Saucy, Sexy and Totally Enchanting
Good natured, loyal and genuine. These are some of the words that help us better understand why making love to you is a level ten experience!

Here’s one more romantic secret about you:
You are usually very direct in your style of communication. If you don’t like a guy, you waste no time in letting him know that you are not interested. And when it comes to your lover he better not wear his heart on his sleeve because you pull no punches.

As a lover, you are a tender romantic.
In bed, you don’t roar… you purr. You can be more loving, more romantic, more sensuous, and more dedicated to pleasing than any other sign in the Sensual Zodiac. How you manage to transform into such a sweet and sexy kitty is a mystery. And one of the best things about you is how easily you keep adding sexual variety to your game.

How to seduce you?
With romantic gestures… attention, telephone calls, gifts, and time together. You like to have your lover arouse your sexual curiosity. The Sensual Leo is always ready for a game of sensual “cat-and-mouse.” And you are no exception. First, a novel distraction – it must be something unique – so subtly sensual, that it catches you totally off guard. Once you’ve caught the Sensual Leo’s curiosity and attention THE GAME IS ON!

Best Passion Product for you:
Clitoral Kiss Crème — No woman should be without it, especially a Sensual Leo woman like you. Why? Because this femme arousal crème with its fabulous berries and cream scent increases clitoral sensitivity to bring a whole new level of enjoyment and excitement. It’s a great way to take your sexuality to the next level and introduce you to your more wild and uninhibited self.

Sex Secrets of the Sensual Leo Man

See that attractive guy… the one all the women are pretending not to notice?
He’s charismatic, domineering and brilliant. You’ve just spotted the Sensual Leo male.

The Sensual Leo man is the ultimate hunter.
He tracks you with those penetrating eyes… that seem to look right through you. He stops your heart and has you grasping for air with his intense look and confident stare. You can’t help but get the feeling that he has no sensual boundaries. It makes you feel that going to “total” is a daily experience for him. Intensity, heat, desire, fire, warmth and love without limits are all states that come to mind as you describe his massive amount of sexual appeal. Soul-gazing with the Sensual Leo man is an intense experience to say the least. Why? Because no matter how long or how deeply you look…you keep finding more.

The Sensual Leo man secretly craves a woman who is willing to lead him into a life full of mysteries, adventure and romance. So make sure your love nest is plush, luxurious, and filled with all kinds of delightful toys. This guy is looking for a woman who is both spellbinding and hopelessly adorable. He wants a woman who possesses the willingness to experience the widest range of emotions and enjoys slowing way down to make love in more unhurried, lazy ways.

How to seduce your Sensual Leo man
1. You get his attention with sight first, but he falls in love through touch.
2. For him curiosity IS foreplay.
3. Playfulness stimulates him and causes him to put down his guard.
4. Stroking him is the best way to melt him.

Sensuous touching is the quickest way to his arousal and spoiling him is the most direct path to his heart. For him, the reality of a woman being able to see past his proud, confident exterior and understand what he secretly enjoys…luxury, pleasure, lushness, extravagance, petting, rubbing and total indulgence – is one of the keys to have him finding himself thinking of you and wanting more.

Best Passion Products for the Sensual Leo man
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